Freelancers and gig economy workers have become a regular feature of the today’s economic landscape.  While these folks love the freedom and flexibility of the 1099 Economy, they also fear
Local government officials must often operate in reactive mode, responding to crises or other pressing events of they day.  But, good leaders know that they must be reactive and proactive,
Last week, I attended a book release event for Regulatory Hacking: A Playbook for Startups, by Evan Burfield with J.D. Harrison.  Evan is well-known in DC tech circles as one
I've posted a few times about Bucksport, Maine, a small Midcoast town near where our family has a house.  I'm a huge fan of Bucksport, but the town has had
Last week, the DC-based Hamilton Project released a number of studies looking at the state of entrepreneurship and business dynamism in the US.  The core analysis took a deep dive
Today, the US Senate continues to debate the 2018 Farm Bill, also known as the Agriculture Improvement Act of 2018. The Farm Bill is a big deal, setting policies in
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What’s up in the States? 2018 Edition American states are often termed the “laboratories of democracy,” where new policy ideas are designed and tested before they reach the national stage.  
Today’s economic environment can be tough on communities of all types, but small micropolitan areas face particular challenges.  They can be far removed from larger markets and may lack the
My colleagues at the Global Entrepreneurship Network and Startup Genome have released a new report that's definitely worth a look.  The Global Startup Ecosystem Report 2018 offers a state of