I missed this report when it came out in November 2018, but I can highly recommend a new study from Bridgespan Group and the National 4-H Council entitled Social Mobility
I have been a lifelong aficionado of public libraries and continue to believe that economic developers don’t do enough to tap into this critical community resource.  In today’s world, there
As 2019 opens for business, public debates about the size and importance of the gig economy are likely to remain in the news.  I expect we’ll see several trends over
For some reasons, I’ve decided to take a chance and make some predictions for what might happen in economic development policy discussions this year.  Given our current volatile political climate,
It’s the holiday season and you may be on the lookout for gifts for family, friends, and colleagues.  If you’ve got a policy wonk on your list, EntreWorks Consulting is
Since 2014, I’ve had the pleasure of being involved in a large project focused on “Building Stronger Economies in America’s Coal-Reliant Regions.”  As part of this project, we’ve worked with
The latest edition of our quarterly e-newsletter, EntreWorks Insights, is now available.  This issue examines the great economic development potential of the agbiosciences, the industry sectors where plant science, animal and
Investing in America’s Workforce is a new book released last week by the Federal Reserve and a number of key partners.  If you’re looking to understand today’s workforce development system,
Agriculture: The Next Big Thing? Given its eons-long role in the rise of human civilization, it’s pretty tough to speak of agriculture as “the next big thing.”  But, there is
November is upon us and you may be starting on your plans for Thanksgiving.  But, don’t forget another “big” holiday in between:  Global Entrepreneurship Week 2018 will be celebrated from