Our Team

Thanks to our extensive network on both the national and international level, EntreWorks has built strong partnerships with some of the leading innovators in the field of economic development. Depending on your needs, we can build a strong and effective team to get the job done.

Our leading partners include:


Business Development Advisors

BDA provides economic development consulting and market intelligence communities across the US. BDA also manages Smart Incentives, a national clearinghouse on best practices in economic development incentives.

Camoin Associates

Camoin Associates specializes in advising economic development organizations and municipalities in creating data-driven strategies, policies and programs while at the same time, demonstrating how to forge collaborative relationships and build trust among key stakeholders.

Center for Regional Economic Competitiveness

The Center for Regional Economic Competitiveness (CREC) is an independent, 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization founded to provide policy-makers from around the world with the information and technical assistance they need to formulate and execute innovative, regional, job-creating economic strategies.

Innovation PolicyWorks

Formed in 2011, Innovation Policyworks has focused on serving rural economies and helping economic development organizations design and implement strategies and programs that will enhance the competitiveness of their regions. A key differentiator is our focus on the use of data to drive program design, and our deep belief in the importance of a collaborative and innovative approach to developing solutions.

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