I spent this morning over at the Aspen Institute for a great panel on Rural Development Hubs.  Rural development hubs are a new concept meant to describe new types of
Last week, I was in Denver for an important and interesting meeting of eleven coal-impacted communities from around the Mountain West.  The community teams were meeting to develop work plans
For much of 2018, we spent a good amount of time in Indiana working on an entrepreneurial assessment of the agbiosciences sector. We learned a ton, but were also very
The gig economy (or the 1099 Economy) has been with us and in full swing for nearly a decade now, and these new ways of working really aren’t that new
I’m not sure that access to capital is the number one problem facing small business today, but it clearly serves as one factor that contributes to lower business start-up rates,
Since it first launched in 2002, I’ve been a member and close partner of the National Association for Community College Entrepreneurship (NACCE).  That’s why I’m so excited to see that
Much of the most important work we do in economic development is about what government agencies call economic adjustment, i.e. helping workers, businesses, and communities affected by an economic shock,
The latest edition of our e-newsletter EntreWorks Insights is now available.   This issue looks at the growing challenge of rural housing, where housing shortages and affordability pressures are having profound
What to Do About the Rural Housing Crisis? In recent years, a good chunk of my consulting practice has brought me to rural communities around the US.  I love this
Whenever I’m losing faith in the American political system, I look to our British colleagues dealing with Brexit and think:  “It could be worse.”  The ongoing Brexit process is a