The rise of the independent workforce is one of the most important trends in our economy today, yet the topic is invisible in our public discourse.  With the exception of
When it comes to economic development, especially in rural areas, broadband matters. That's a pretty banal statement, akin to saying something like Tom Brady is a good quarterback.  Yet, it's
The end of April is turning out to be extremely busy in terms of speaking engagements.  If you happen to be attending any of these events, give me a holler.
Many of our customers at EntreWorks Consulting want help with mapping their innovation and entrepreneurship-related ecosystems, i.e., the set of regional actors and networks that support the start and growth
I've blogged a bit in the past about how new research techniques, especially randomized controlled trials, are providing new insights into what works in innovation and entrepreneurship policy.  (The Innovation
Legislative and Policy Roundup: 2018 Edition Back in the day, we used to produce regular policy and legislative updates that provided our perspectives on the latest ideas gaining traction on
The latest edition of EntreWorks Insights, our quarterly e-newsletter, is now available. This issue looks at interesting new legislative proposals under consideration in the US Congress.  A future issue will
The quality of official data on startups and entrepreneurs in the US is generally quite poor, especially when compared to what is captured in other developed economies.  Meanwhile, government funding
There’s a lot of cool stuff happening in the Midwest-Great Plains region that many folks have dubbed The Silicon Prairie.  The latest good idea is the Technology Association of Iowa’s
My longtime friends and colleagues, Maria Meyers and Kate Pope Hodel, have just published a new book that's worth your time if you're working in economic development or entrepreneurial ecosystem