Global Startup Ecosystems 2018

My colleagues at the Global Entrepreneurship Network and Startup Genome have released a new report that’s definitely worth a look.  The Global Startup Ecosystem Report 2018 offers a state of the field look at what’s happening with technology startup ecosystems around the world.  Here’s a few highlights from this year’s publication:

  • America’s global dominance in the startup world is eroding, while other nations, especially China, are becoming major players in the tech world.
  • New ecosystem hotspots are gaining traction.  Keep an eye out for Frankfurt, Helsinki and Lisbon!
  • Fast-growing startups are concentrating in two broad areas:  Vertical sectors, such as transportation and Uber, that rely on the third wave of the Internet; and those firms that rely on “deep tech”-major technology breakthroughs such as AI, Blockchain or life science innovations.
  • “Hot” sectors are undergoing an interesting transition.  Current growth sectors include advanced manufacturing and agtech, while new funding  levels for adtech, gaming, and digital media are falling.

(NOTE: The report is free, but registration is required.)