The Impact of Military Bases in Pennsylvania

Last week, the Pennsylvania Military Community Enhancement Commission (PMCEC) released a new study that assesses the impact of military installations on Pennsylvania’s statewide economy and in regions that host these facilities.  The research effort was led by the University of Pittsburgh’s Center for Social and Urban Research  (EntreWorks Consulting also provided support for the project).   The study finds that military installations are a key driver of state and regional economies, accounting for 56,000 jobs and $11 billion in total economic output in 2016.   The study examines statewide impacts, and also offers local assessments for each of Pennsylvania’s 13 major military installations.  The report will be of greatest interest to Pennsylvanians, but it offers a number of broader insights and lessons as well.   In many ways, Pennsylvania’s military bases are unique.  The state is not home to major training facilities, or large military operations.  Instead, nearly all of the state’s defense workers are civilians who work in sectors like logistics and distribution, manufacturing, and maintenance/repair.  As such, there are close linkages between military and civilian industries, and the potential for closer industry partnerships and synergies is great. The PMCEC and its partners are working closely to be good partners to DoD, and to help ensure that Pennsylvania remains a welcoming place for the military.   You can access the summary impact report and individual base reports here.