Try This West Virginia

Work took me to West Virginia yesterday, and along the way, I was introduced to a great website, Try This West Virginia, that has been running for about a year but that was new (and exciting) to me.  Try This West Virginia lists dozens of ideas for how to build healthy communities.   It is focused on fitness and personal health—big issues in West Virginia and across the US—but it about much more than that.  It provides cheap, relatively easy, and actionable things that anybody can do to make their community a better place.  This is wonderful set of tools for communities and citizens who don’t know where to get started on the journey to transform and improve where they live.   If you’re stumped for ideas, try something like this:  Start a bike club; Advocate for daily recess in the schools; Create a regular community conversation or Open up access to local lakes, rivers or waterways.   These are all ideas that you can find at this site, and none of them are unique to West Virginia.  So, if you’re looking for good community building ideas, don’t forget Try This West Virginia.