The Food Corridor

I’ll confess to a little fatigue with various shorthand business pitches for companies such “Uber for XXX” or “Amazon for YY.”  (My personal favorite, “Fitbit for Cows,” is an actual business.  Cowlar is a successful company selling livestock sensors to the dairy industry.)  Thus, I was a bit skeptical hearing about The Food Corridor, aka AirBnB for commercial kitchen space.   However, this is a cool site and an excellent idea, too.   Underused kitchen space exists in every community—in churches, school, and other facilities.  Why not link budding food entrepreneurs to these spaces?   That’s the gist of the Food Kitchen, and it’s a great concept.  Food entrepreneurs sign up, and use the platform for access to kitchens, equipment, storage space, partners, and other needs.  The company started in Fort Collins, CO and is now expanding nationwide.   Check them out, and most importantly, tap into this great resource for your community!