Talking Rural Entrepreneurs in Boston (March 30!)

I’ve got lots of travel on the agenda this month, but I’m especially excited to be getting up to Boston on March 30 to participate in ICBI34, the 34th annual International Conference on Business Incubation.  In addition to my regular schmoozing, hanging out, and learning from a global cast of thinkers and doers, I’ll also be heading up a panel on “Fostering Success for all Entrepreneurs in Rural America.”   I’ll be joined by my good friend and colleague, Cathy Renault, with whom I’ve been collaborating on a series of projects in Central Virginia.  We’re going to discuss that work, and generally talk about the challenges and opportunities facing America’s rural entrepreneurs.  You can find the ICBI34 schedule here.  Our session is on Monday, March 30, from 11:00AM to 12:15PM, but there’s lots of other great stuff on the schedule throughout the event.  Hope to see you in Boston