Talent Development in the Delta Region

We are kicking off an interesting workforce project in partnership with the Delta Regional Authority and my colleagues at the Center for Regional Economic Competitiveness.   This project will map workforce trends across the Delta Regional Authority (DRA) region which encompasses eight states and 230 counties in the wider Mississippi Delta region.  Our project will track recent industry and workforce development trends, and provide guidance on how to groom, retain and attract talent to the Delta region.  The good news is that DRA is already doing excellent work on this front.  Since 2017, the Delta Workforce Program has already been making investments in local and regional projects across the region.   These investments cover a wide range of workforce development needs and challenges, from funding new career pathways programs to apprenticeships and innovative approaches to dealing with substance-use-disorders.  To learn more, check out DRA’s 2019 and 2020 grants.  Our project will also be profiling many of these innovative grass roots efforts, so watch this space for future updates!