Innovation hubs are a hot topic today, and they’re getting a lot of attention from the military which is investing in programs like the Defense Innovation Unit (DIUx) and various
I live in Virginia, and, like many US states, we’ve often got some tensions between the urban and rural parts of the Commonwealth.  Theses differences often get the most media
Next Tuesday (February 15th), I’m very much looking forward to joining the National Association of Counties at their annual legislative conference in Washington DC.  I’ll be on a panel (from
When they are not discussing Prime Minister Johnson’s drinking parties, policymakers in the UK have been actively engaged in an interesting set of debates about “levelling up,” the British term
If we are serious about responding to climate change, we need to also embrace just transition policies that offer critical support to workers, families, businesses, and communities who lose jobs
Last year, I started using an excellent new data tool from GoDaddy and Venture Forward, which tracks US microbusinesses based on domain registrations with GoDaddy.  The Venture Forward data offers
As our economies transition away from the use of fossil fuels, we know that we’re all in for a bit of an adjustment.  But these adjustment pressures wont’ be evenly
Hydraulic fracking has been a common practice for 15-20 years, and along the way, it has transformed places like North Dakota, Pennsylvania, and Texas’ Permian Basin.   But we’re only now
For many rural regions, brain drain is a persistent talent development challenge.  Rural schools develop talented young people who often opt for careers in more urban settings.  The pandemic appears
It's been a while, but we're back with the latest edition of our e-newsletter, EntreWorks Insights. This one takes a dive into interesting workforce policy experiments driven by the pandemic.