Housing: Why Economic Developers Must Engage If you’re like me, the terms “affordable housing” and “housing policy” call up a series of strong images: huge urban housing blocks, implosions of
Recovering from Katrina: Beyond “Never Again” It’s been about five months since Hurricane Katrina struck the Gulf Coast.  While recovery and rebuilding are just getting under way, it makes sense
The Coming Age Wave: What Does it Mean for Economic Development? It seems like every day we get bombarded with new data about the profound economic effects of the aging
Notes from a Small Island: Enterprise Culture in the British Isles We Americans can be somewhat smug when it comes to entrepreneurship. Many of us tend to think that entrepreneurship
Networking: A Look at the Current Market Return Successful 21 st century businesses will be led by people who have the skills and capabilities to network and collaborate with others.
The Return of BRAC If you’re working around the field of economic development in 2005, you’ll likely be hearing a lot about BRAC. What is BRAC? BRAC is the Pentagon’s
Ending Turf Wars? “We have met the enemy and he is us.”  That old line from the Pogo cartoon can certainly apply to us in the economic development profession. I am
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