New SBA Small Business Finance Portal

Last year, I was part of a project team supporting the US Small Business Administration to strengthen its programs related to COVID-19 small business response and recovery.  At that time, the initial round of Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) loans was rapidly depleting, yet demand for such funding remained strong.  In response, we worked with SBA to develop a database of funding sources that were not directly backed by SBA, but who were still in the market to provide loans and other support to small business owners.  This database is now live, and can be accessed along with information on other SBA funding tools here.  The database is searchable by zip code, and includes basic information on funding from other federal programs, from revolving loan funds, and from various state and local programs.  The database is focused on long-standing programs, and does not track one-time funds or short-term initiatives dealing with the immediate impacts of COVID-19.  For this reason, it’s also a good resource for understanding your overall base of small business financing resources.  For me, I was very impressed with the large number and diverse range of small business lenders operating in the marketplace—even before the pandemic hit.   As we continue to slog our way to recovery, these funders can hopefully provide a leg up to new, growing, and recovering small businesses in your community.