New Book Release: Investing in America’s Workforce

Investing in America’s Workforce is a new book released last week by the Federal Reserve and a number of key partners.  If you’re looking to understand today’s workforce development system, start here.  In fact, the book could easily be subtitled:  “Everything you ever wanted to know about workforce development but were afraid to ask.”  Investing in America’s Workforce actually consists of three volumes, covering the topics of “Investing in Workers,” “Investing in Work,” and “Investing in Systems for Employment Opportunity.”   Each volume contains anywhere from 10 to 15 contributions on key issues facing the field such as engaging employers, investing in technology, strengthening regional partnerships, and closing talent gaps.

I’m fortunate to have a chapter included in the volume in the sections focused on “Investing in Rural Work,” which is prefaced with an excellent review of rural workforce issues from Brian Dabson.  My piece, “Igniting Rural Entrepreneurship:  Where do Workforce Development Program Fit In?” examines the intersection of three of my favorite topics:  rural development, workforce development, and entrepreneurship.

I expect that Investing in America’s Workforce will become the “go-to” guide for the current state of play in workforce development.  It’s well worth a read or at least as a background reference guide.   With the holidays coming up, you might even consider it as a gift for the policy wonk in your life!   Even better, the book is free for download here.