May 19th Webinar: The Long & Winding Road to Economic Recovery

I’ve had the pleasure of working for many years on economic resilience and recovery projects with my colleagues at the National Association of Development Organizations (NADO).   This work has dealt with lots of economic shocks such as factory closings, military base closings, and natural disasters.  Now, we hope to use lessons learned from this work to support COVID-19-related economic recovery.  I’ll be talking about this work in an upcoming webinar entitled “The Long and Winding Road to Economic Recovery.”  The COVID-19 crisis is unprecedented, so we certainly don’t have all of the answers. But, there are some useful lessons from past experience with economic resilience and recovery efforts. We’ll discuss how and whether to apply them to COVID-19 recovery efforts.  If you’re interested in joining this discussion, you can learn more and register here.  The event will be held next Tuesday May 19 at 2PM Eastern.   Hope to see/hear you then!