Happy Birthday to One Million Cups!

One of my all-time favorite entrepreneurship programs—One Million Cups—celebrates its 10th birthday this week.   Started by the Kauffman Foundation, One Million Cups is based on a simple premise:  entrepreneurs like to learn and do business together over a cup of coffee!  The program offers a template and guidance on how to hold a regular entrepreneur meet-up in your community.  Communities sign up and agree to hold a regular (weekly or monthly) event series where 1 or 2 presenters share their business ideas with an audience of community members.  The event is very informal and meant to build connections and knowledge.  It’s an inexpensive and fun way to help build a stronger entrepreneurial community.  And, the events are free to all!!

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One Million Cups first started in Kansas City in 2012.  Today, around 132 communities in 40 states use this program as part of their ecosystem building efforts.  I’ve attended a lot of these events and they are a great experience.  Here’s a list of current One Million Cups programs.  If you have one in your region, plan to attend.  If not, sign up!  Congratulations to everyone who’s been involved with the program over the past decade.