Happy 10th Anniversary to Pipeline!

This month marks the tenth anniversary of Pipeline, a fellowship of great entrepreneurs building world-class businesses in Kansas, Missouri, and Nebraska.   Pipeline began as a pilot project of the now defunct Kansas Technology Enterprise Corporation, but it’s now a core part of the booming entrepreneurial ecosystem developing in the Midwest.  It has helped spawn some of the region’s great entrepreneurial ventures, and its track record would be the envy of any business acceleration program.   I’ve had the pleasure of working for the Pipeline team on several occasions, and I’m ecstatic to see the great work led by Joni Cobb, Pipeline’s President and CEO, and the whole team.

The Pipeline family will be in full celebration mode over the next couple of weeks.  The program has just received cover story treatment in the Kansas City Business Journal, which also profiled many of the program’s most successful entrepreneurs (Note:  most of the stories require sign-in or subscription).  On January 26th, the annual Pipeline Innovators Award Dinner, at Kansas City’s Midland Theater, will be bigger than ever.  This will be a wonderful opportunity to celebrate a great decade, and to look ahead to another great ten years.