Global Entrepreneurship Week 2021 Starts November 8th

Next week, entrepreneurs and entrepreneur champions from around the world will be celebrating the latest iteration of Global Entrepreneurship Week.  This year’s week of events, running from November 8 to 14, will be bigger and better than ever—engaging 180 countries and more than 10 million people around the globe.  This year’s celebration is focused on the important goals of rebooting after the pandemic and building entrepreneur ecosystems that are more resilient, inclusive, and, yes, globally-oriented. 

The week is chock full of events and the planners expect as many as 40,000 activities around the globe.  Here in the US, GEW USA is supporting hundreds of local partners engaged in more than 700 different events and activities.   GEW even has its own Leader Board that tracks this work. At present, Kansas City and Fort Worth are topping the list with the most events and activities, but other locations, like Tallahassee, Sacramento, and San Juan, are also getting into the mix.  Visit the GEW site to join any of these events, or to get inspired to start something in your community.