Global Entrepreneurship Week 2018

November is upon us and you may be starting on your plans for Thanksgiving.  But, don’t forget another “big” holiday in between:  Global Entrepreneurship Week 2018 will be celebrated from November 12-18, 2018.  Global Entrepreneurship Week (GEW) has been celebrated for more than a decade, and it’s become something of a big deal.  GEW events this year will happen in 170 countries, engaging more than 20,000 partners sponsoring 35,000 events that are expected to engage as many as ten million people around the world.   This year’s GEW events are focused on several key themes, especially in terms of developing more inclusive approaches to entrepreneurship and in engaging more women and youth entrepreneurs.  GEW partner organizations are also embracing new strategies to link entrepreneur ecosystems across borders.   The development of the gAsia Pass is one of the coolest ideas to emerge from this work.  The gAsia Pass will provide Asia-based entrepreneurs with a membership card that gives them expedited access to entrepreneur support services and networks across nations in Asia.  This effort will make it much easier for innovators and entrepreneurs to work in multiple locations across Asia.  You can learn more about GEW events in the US at GEW USA and find more on global events at GEW GLOBAL.