Calling All Coal-Reliant Regions: The BRECC Initiative

EntreWorks Consulting is proud to be a lead partner on the new US Economic Development Administration-backed Building Resilient Economies in Coal Country (BRECC) initiative.  This three-year program, led by the National Association of Counties (NACo) seeks to assist coal-reliant regions—home to either coal mining or coal-driven utilities—as they seek to develop new economic engines and community assets.  Among other things, this effort will connect leaders from coal-reliant regions and offer extensive consulting and technical assistance with community planning, program sustainability, and other issues.  We are looking for partner communities and others with an interest in supporting effective transition and resilience strategies.  We’re holding an information session on November 29, 2022 at 2PM EST.  If you’re based in a coal-impacted region and/or want to learn more, please join us.  Registration information can be accessed here.   And, continue to watch this space for regular updates on the BRECC effort.

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