Building Rural Prosperity in Wisconsin–And Beyond!

Last January, Wisconsin Governor Tony Evers created a Blue Ribbon Commission on Rural Prosperity.  When the Commissioners accepted their assignments, I doubt that they knew that they would be working through a global pandemic and all the other sad and screwed-up things that we’ve faced in 2020.  But, they persevered and have produced an excellent roadmap for supporting rural development in Wisconsin—and beyond.   I’ll highlight a few things that I really like about this effort and this report.  Most importantly, the effort embraces the diversity of rural places.  The commission itself is diverse, and includes youth members and represents from Native American and immigrant communities, among others.  The report addresses a diverse range of topics as well, including arts and culture, how to build welcome communities, and how to support key sectors like agriculture, forestry, energy, and outdoor recreation.  It’s definitely worth checking out for folks in Wisconsin and beyond.