Appalachia on the Chopping Block

One of the unintended consequences of the Trump Administration’s horrific “skinny budget” plan is that it has prompted some deep media and think tank dives into understanding the many benefits of programs now facing the chopping block.  The Appalachian Regional Commission (ARC) is a case in point, as a new series of reports from the Center for American Progress shows.  This research examines the overall impact of eliminating ARC, while also highlighting local impacts in each of the 13 states that comprise the ARC region.  The bottom line is pretty clear:  hundreds of jobs and millions in investment dollars will be at risk in every Appalachian state if this budget plan is approved.

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ARC is not the only worthwhile program facing the budget knife.  For a review of other at-risk programs—and the good work they do—I can also highly recommend that you check out “Why Invest in Economic Development?”  This excellent guide highlights the importance of federal investment in economic development, and also shows the strong return on investment generated by these very small public investments.  (Note:  EntreWorks Consulting has supported consulting engagements for the ARC and other Federal agencies discussed here.)