EntreWorks Insights, June 2018 edition now available

The latest edition of our quarterly e-newsletter, EntreWorks Insights, is now available.  This issue looks at innovative economic development ideas in the states.   You can learn more and subscribe here.

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  1. maury forman says:

    Hey Erik, dont know if you remember me but I was the senior manager at the washington State department of commerce for entrepreneurship and rural strategies, now recently retired but still working with commerce. Washington State is doing some interesting things as you can see from this article. http://mauryforum.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/12/EDJ_17_Fall_Forman.pdf. The legislature has also put rural at the top of the agenda with funding for economic gardening, certifying economic gardeners, hiring a rural out reach team, two rural managers, funding a startup Washington in program in Wenatchee, continuing their target goal of 200 events during Kauffmans global entrepreneurship week and many other things. Let me know if you want more information. Thanks for the states updates that chris sent out.

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