Strategies to Support Economic Diversification: Webinar Recording

Since 2014, I’ve had the pleasure of being involved in a large project focused on “Building Stronger Economies in America’s Coal-Reliant Regions.”  As part of this project, we’ve worked with dozens of American regions dealing with the aftermath of a coal mine closing or the shutdown of coal-fired power plants.  It’s been an inspiring and educational process.  Despite many challenges, these communities are coming together and building new community narratives in the face of economic adversity.  As part of this work, we’ve recorded a series of webinars that examine various topics related to economic diversification and effective approaches for responding to economic shocks.  The latest webinar, “Strategies to Support Economic Diversification,” is now available.  This is something of a primer on economic diversification, sharing what we’ve learned from working with coal-reliant communities and others.  While our project is focused on coal-impacted regions, the lessons presented in the webinar are relevant to any community facing economic shocks due to plant closures, natural disasters, or other factors.   We find that economic diversification is a critical factor in a region’s resilience and its ability to prosper over the long term.  Great resources can also be accessed at the project’s website:  Resources for Transitioning Economies.