Using Indicators to Drive Community Change: Best in Class Regions

The Community Indicators Consortium is a network that deserves more attention and recognition.  This is a global consortium of community leaders who are working with new approaches, such as benchmarking and the creation of community indicator reports, to link data and metrics to community change strategies.  In addition to providing networking opportunities, CIC sponsors an annual conference (to be held in College Park, MD in November 2012) and also manages a very useful database of local indicator projects.

CIC also sponsors annual award for the best community indicator projects, and this year’s winners have just been announced.  They include the following projects:

  • Minnesota Compass:  Tracks dozens of quality of life trends for Minnesota and the wider Twin Cities region.
  • Strive Partnership:  A Cincinnati, Ohio-based network focused on improving student achievement.
  • Community Indicators Victoria:  Based in Victoria, Australia, this project provides a host of measures on community well-being in the region.
  • Vital Signs:  Coordinated by thirty Canadian foundations, Vital Signs provides “annual checkups” that track the quality of life and community capacity in regions across Canada.





Vital Signs

- Coordinated by Community Foundations of Canada, Vital Signs is an annual community check-up conducted by over 30 community foundations across Canada.

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