The 3/50 Project: A New Approach to Buying Local

Lots of communities around the US are hoping to encourage their residents to do more local purchasing and to support local retail businesses.  The problem is that these efforts generally do little more than use the bully pulpit to support Buy Local efforts.  There’s nothing wrong with these well-meaning efforts, but they could be even more effective if they included specific benchmarks or goals.  That’s one reason why I’ve been impressed with the 3/50 Project (  The 3/50 Project is a nationwide effort to encourage local residents to do more business with local independent retailers.  Their plan?  To encourage residents to spend at least $50 per month at three local independent businesses—especially those you would miss if they were forced to shut down.   The 3/50 Project is getting a lot of traction and already has 50,000 Facebook fans.  Not too shabby for the first year of operations.  The Project has its first anniversary this month.

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