Start-Up Day Across America

You probably didn’t know this, but yesterday (August 4) was the fourth annual Start-Up Day Across America.  This event was started by a group of Congressional “New Democrats,” led by Rep. Jared Polis and has been embraced by the White House as well.  While it may have Democratic origins, it’s been embraced by some Republicans too, and it now has the backing of 9 US Senators and dozens of Representatives.  It’s a pretty simple concept—on this day, Members of Congress spend time in their districts with entrepreneurs, innovators, accelerator managers, and other entrepreneur advocates.  It’s an opportunity to see what it really takes to be a successful entrepreneur, and to learn about how their actions can either help or hurt local entrepreneurs.   Politicians regularly meet with big employers (and big contributors), yet they often fail to interact with new, emerging businesses in their constituencies.  This simple event is one means to make that happen, and I hope that it continues to expand.  If you like this idea, encourage your Representative and Senator to sign up for next year.  Even better, consider creating a similar event for your state and local representatives who would benefit from such interactions with innovators too!

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