Rural Entrepreneurship Challenge Winner: Iowa’s ScoutPro

For the past year, I’ve had the pleasure (with colleagues from Georgetown University and the Center for Rural Entrepreneurship) of supporting the American Farm Bureau’s Rural Entrepreneurship Challenge.  This exciting initiative had a lot of cool aspects, but the most fun for me came from the Rural Entrepreneurship Challenge, a national competition for the best rural entrepreneurs.    This was a very hotly-contested competition, and we had applications from around the U.S. and from every kind of business you can imagine.

On Monday, the four finalists faced off at the Farm Bureau’s national convention in San Diego, and, just like Ohio State’s football team, a national winner rose to the top.   Lone Tree, Iowa’s ScoutPro, a maker of software for crop maintenance, took the top spot.  All of the competitors were impressive, but ScoutPro was a deserving winner.  They have developed an excellent technology platform already in use in Iowa and elsewhere, and had strong projections for future growth.   They are just another example of the many exciting companies being created and prospering in rural America.

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