Ride to Prosperity in Greater Reading, PA

Yesterday, I was up in my hometown of Reading, PA, where we released the 2013 edition of the community’s Ride to Prosperity strategy.  The Ride to Prosperity effort began four years ago; it brings together eight organizations with a mission to advance economic development in Reading and Berks County.   The effort has been highly successful–the original plan was designed to operate from 2010-2013, and the new version, Ride to Prosperity 2.0, is focused on the 2013-2015 time frame.  The effort is designed as a work plan and is heavily focused on effective execution of key missions, such as supporting high-growth businesses, helping young people begin promising careers in technical fields, and developing new industrial sites to attract new companies to Berks County.   Equally important, the effort has created strong collaborations in the community and a strong sense of regionalism is emerging.  This has been an exciting effort that is generating lots of buzz and excitement in the community.  You can learn more about the Ride to Prosperity here, here, and here.  Watch this space for updates as the Ride continues over the next 2 years.

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