Quick Hits: Some Recent Entrepreneurship Musings

There has been a lot of interesting work related to entrepreneurship in the past few months.  Here’s a few that piqued my interest:

  • Traction by Gabriel Weinberg and Justin Mares:  There’s no shortage of how to guides for entrepreneurs these days, but many of them forget the real secret to success:  getting people to pay you for something.  Finding and keeping customers is one of the toughest challenges for any entrepreneur, and this book offers some great practice guidance on this front.
  • “A New View of the Skew:”  This MIT research offers some optimistic news about the state of American entrepreneurship.  Numerous studies have shown a slowdown in US entrepreneurial activity, but this new research finds that the performance of high-growth start-ups has been improving since 2010.
  • Time for Social Insurance?  A new Kauffman Foundation brief examines how US social policies—namely a weak social safety net—impede entrepreneurship.   Expanded social insurance programs, such as better, cheaper health care and more robust unemployment assistance, could actually help spur more people to consider entrepreneurship.
  • Small Business Credit Survey 2015:  The seven Federal Reserve Banks have released their annual survey of small business credit.  Conditions are improving, but more than half of small firms still report that they have financing issues.   Small banks remain the lender of choice.  On-line lending is growing and was used by 20% of firms.  But, most don’t seem to like it and customer satisfaction rates are very low.
  • What About the Kids?:   Finland regularly tops the global charts for best educational systems.  They are now pioneering new approaches to youth entrepreneurship.   Check out what’s happening with their “Me and My City” program focused on 12 year old budding entrepreneurs. 
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