Local Job Growth in the 1099 Economy

Readers of this blog and our newsletter know that I have a strong interest in what’s happening in the 1099 economy, the growing sector of self-employment ventures, free lancers, and independent consultants.  See our latest newsletter here.  It’s hard to get detailed numbers on this population, but we know that they are a big part of every local economy.   Now, new data presented over at the New Geography blog give us a closer look at local patterns in job growth in the 1099 economy. 

The data confirm what we’ve known already–the 1099er’s are becoming a big part of many local economies.  In fact, with the exception of Washington DC, every state in the US has seen growth in its 1099 workforce.  The local patterns are very interesting—the biggest growth has been in Texas, especially in areas with large oil and gas exploration sectors.   Roane County, WV, also ranks among the top places for 1099 job growth–this is also likely due to the impact of activities related to the Marcellus Shale natural gas formation.  

The most rapid 1099 job growth also appears to be occurring in rural regions.  All of the top job gaining areas are fairly isolated.   Places with large declines in 1099 jobs tend to have more diverse economies and include states and regions with overall job growth (North Dakota and South Dakota) along with some areas facing overall job loss (West Virginia, St. Louis, MO).

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