Kansas PIPELINE Poised for Growth

For the past several years, I’ve had the pleasure of working with Joni Cobb and the leadership team at Kansas’ PIPELINE Entrepreneurial Immersion Program.  Started by the Kansas Technology Enterprise Corporation, PIPELINE is one of the US’ most innovative entrepreneur development programs.   Now in its fifth year of operations, PIPELINE annually works with a small cohort of high-potential entrepreneurs who receive an intensive training, mentoring, and coaching experience that helps them become better entrepreneurs and to build world-class businesses. Many of Kansas’ most exciting entrepreneurs are PIPELINE alumni or mentors.   

Part of the PIPELINE model have been replicated in some locations.  For example, Maine’s Top Gun program is modeled after PIPELINE.  However, these past efforts have been fairly limited. Now, thanks to a new grant from the Kauffman Foundation, the PIPELINE team is poised for expansion and is looking for ways to build a wider regional and national network.  This is a tremendous opportunity for PIPELINE and for potential partners across the US.   We’ll continue to provide updates as the project moves forward.

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