Innovation Policy in Maine: A Deep Dive

The latest issue of the Maine Policy Review (Vol. 23, No. 1-2014) provides a deep dive into the state of innovation and entrepreneurship in the Pine Tree State.   The issue includes a review of innovation in key state clusters, like agriculture, forestry, and energy, as well as excellent contributions on key issues like innovation culture, university tech transfer, workforce development, and the pre-20th century history of innovation in Maine.   I suspect that many readers won’t have a personal connection or interest in what’s happening in Maine, but this special issue is still worth a look by the more skeptical or non-Mainer.  The essays provide an excellent introduction to many of the key challenges in building an innovation economy, and the recommendations will be useful to anyone working in a state or region that lacks many of the competitive advantages found in better publicized innovation hotspots.   Moreover, the publication of an in-depth and comprehensive assessment like the one found here is something that would benefit all states.   Mainers are doing their best to build a strong innovation economy and, to do so effectively, this requires the kind of well-informed public debate and discussion that this special volume of Maine Policy Review should help generate.

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