Higher Education Innovation in Central Virginia

For the past year, EntreWorks Consulting has had the pleasure of working with the Region 2000 Partnership, an economic development organization serving the five county region surrounding Lynchburg, Virginia.  Earlier this week, we closed up on one project–the annoucement of a new regional small business and entrepreneurship development strategy—and announced an innovative new effort, the Region 2000 Entrepreneurship Initiative for Higher Education.  You can find news stories on these efforts here, here , and here.

We are all especially excited about the new higher education collaborative, which will bring together six local colleges and universities to jointly develop programs to help teach entrepreneurship and to help area students and residents consider, start, and grow new business and social ventures of their own.   The collaborative is quite unique because it includes a very diverse set of schools, including a large religiously-oriented university (Liberty), a community college (Central Virgnina Community College), several smaller colleges (Lynchburg, Randolph, and Sweet Briar), and a historically black college and university, Virginia University at Lynchburg.    The effort is just kicking off, but we are expecting exciting developments in the coming months.

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