Development Impact Bonds–Your Feedback Needed

I’ve written several recent posts on social impact bonds, an emerging tool for financing critically under-resourced social service programs.  These initiatives are starting to gain traction in the Europe and in the US in program areas such as preventing youth recidivism and homelessness.   Now, a working group sponsored by the Center for Global Development and the UK-based Social Finance are examining how the social impact bond model could be applied to support international development initiatives.

The working group has developed a comprehensive assessment of the potential for Development Impact Bonds (DIBs).  The analysis makes the case for DIBs but also details many of the critical issues related to effective implementation and outcome assessment.   A formal consultation draft has been prepared, and the Working Group is looking for feedback and comments.  If you have ideas or just want to get updated on the latest thinking about DIBs, this work is a great place to start.  The comment period ends on July 17, so the deadline for input is approaching rapidly.   You can post comments here or send directly to the Working Group leadership.

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