Blueprint Mississippi 2011

Business and community leaders across Mississippi have been involved for the past year in an extensive process to reassess and, where relevant, reorient the state’s economic and workforce development and education priorities.  This effort has culminated in the release of Blueprint Mississippi 2011.  The process and study (EntreWorks Consulting provided research support) have produced a comprehensive assessment of Mississippi’s economy, and, more importantly, a series of pathways to help move the state toward a more prosperous and sustainable future.

The Blueprint contains a wide range of ideas and recommendations including, among others:

  • Expanding support and investment  for Mississippi’s burgeoning creative economy.
  • Creating a new permanent private sector-led capacity to finance economic development efforts and to assess the state’s economic performance.
  • Invest in new entrepreneurship programs in key gap areas such as rural regions, among minority business owners, and via training in the K-20 system.
  • Create a new state-sponsored early childhood education program.
  • Design new intiiatves to support leading clusters, especially health care which is emerging as a powerful economic driver.

Mississippi Blueprint 2011 has set an ambitious agenda for the state’s new political leadership and its business community.  An exciting effort is underway!

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