A New Wave in Co-Working? Loose Cubes

I recently learned of an interesting new app, Loose Cubes, service that offers spare offices, cubicles, and even a coach for indepedent workers seeking an inspring place to work.  The service works much like an apartment swapping service.  You plug in a location and available work spaces in the area pop up–some are free and others charge a small fee. Choose your location and get ready to work!  Loose Cubes is also trying out other ideas to support co-working.  One concept is Instant Jelly, an app that allows users to create an instant co-working event.  While I’m not sure an Instant Jelly would be as fun as Flash Mob or Meet-Up, it could be a means to create quick collaborations and useful brainstorming sessions.   Loose Cubes is a new service, and, to date, it’s pretty New York centric.  There are dozens of potential “cubes” in Manhattan, but only a handful in places like Atlanta, Chicago, or Seatlle.  Yet, as this effort evolves, we can expect a more robust national pool of cubes ready and open for jellies, co-working, and collaboration!!

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